WWBMF – FInal Mix Submitted To Abbey Road For Mastering

WWBMF - Mix Submitted To Abbey Road Studio For Mastering

UPDATE: Feb 19th, 2022 -
It's been a very interesting last couple of days. "Who Will Break My Fall" was submitted to Abbey Road Studio for mastering.
I'm very excited in anticipation of getting the final master!
One thing I haven't mentioned so far is the ISRC (International Sound Recording Code).  When I placed my order  for mastering with Abbey Road, I was asked to provide an ISRC code for the metadata part of the finished master recording. 

As a Recording Rights Owner, I set up an account with usisrc.org.
For a one-time fee of $95 I was provided with a Registrant Code that allows me to assign ISRCs for all recordings that I own or control. Recording Rights Owners are typically labels or bands, but can be individual artists as well. 

The ISRC Registrant Code is mine for life and will allow me to assign up to 100,000 ISRCs each year to recordings that I own. Obviously, I am not that prolific at songwriting, but I expect to be recording  more new original songs very soon!   How To Generate An ISRC For A Recording

I might mention at this point as I have done a fair amount of research by now, I discovered another new code, ISWC,  that is also added to a sound recording.
What's The Difference Between ISRC and ISWC?

That's all for today....I'll keep you posted.

NEXT UP: Metadata Requirements For Sound Recordings