WWBMF – The Master Is In The House

WWBMF - The Master Is Back

Last week I sent out the final mix to Abbey Road for mastering and got it back in four days! Now I'm in the process of designing the cover art and imbedding the metadata into the music file so the artist, title, cover art and other Id3 tags will be displayed when WWBMF is played on iTunes, Windows Media, and the vast number of music players that are enabled to display metadata.

Yesterday I opened up the master wav file in Audacity, an open-source editing program, to convert and outputĀ  the wav file into a variety of formats used in film, tv, video and audio, that I will need when I submit the music for publishing, and in music libraries for consideration of syncronization licensing.
Speaking of sync licensing, I did a lot of research while I was waiting for the master to be completed. My music catalog goes back more than thirty years and WWBMF is one of those songs that is a collaboration on with a lyricist who I recently got in touch with. I was checking out her discography and noticed that she had published a recording of WWBMF back in 2009. We had written the song way back in the early 90's and we hold the copyright from 1993. This kind of information is critical when and if a song is under consideration for a sync license. The music supervisor must have all the information about performance rights organizations, artists, publishing and splits to be present at the beginning with no ambiguities. Not having all your ducks in rows and columns could be a real deal killer!

For a sneak peek at "Who Will Break My Fall", check out the previous post!

NEXT UP: Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) and Sync License Agencies

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Author: Ed Vallee

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