BlueFOs Calendar (PRIVATE – members only)

This calendar can not be edited.
You can add, edit, delete dates on this calendar, but you must have your own google account which provides you with your own free personal calendar. Then you can subscribe to the BlueFOs calendar (this calendar) and display it on your personal calendar.
You will have permissions granted from the admin allowing you to add dates directly to the BlueFOs calendar. For example, adding a gig date, or adding a date that you will be unavailable, or adding a date for a rehearsal or band meetings.

Q: Will dates that I put on my personal google calendar show up on the BlueFOs calendar?
A: No. It may appear to look that way because your viewing both calendars at the same time.
You can control which calendars are displayed (or not) on your browser in the calendar settings.
Each time you add a new date, you must decide which calendar to put it on.  That option will appear in the popup dialogue box as you are filling in the date and time information.